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Big Hole River 874—Maidenrock

Two days ago the snot-grass was terrible on the river making for some tough conditions. All this rain and the rising river brought all that stuff down from the upper valley. There was still some on the river today but not much and didn’t present much of a problem for us.

Fishing today, which I thought might be a bit iffy turned out to be pretty good. Tricos were appearing late morning but very sporadic and the fish never did key on them, at least on the stretch we were on. There are lots of hoppers on the banks and we got a few on those patterns. That action should pick up a lot.

I used my drift boat today from above Wise River down to Dewey. That is a first for August and usually have to drag a raft in places. Lots of water and the fish are getting back to their normal feeding habits after last weeks hail, rain and rising river.

Conditions are lookin good.


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