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Christmas In August??

This afternoon I was helping running a couple shuttles and as we came through Melrose I noticed a big blow up Santa Claus by the Hitchin Post. I never paid much attention to it as a person sees some strange things going through Melrose at times. Being the lazy bachelor I am I went down to the Hitchin Post to treat myself to a steak sandwich this evening. When I went inside I was instantly greeted with Christmas music and greetings of Merry Christmas from Debbie and staff. My first impression was they were all on drugs or had been out in the sun way too long. Debbie pointed out the table with all the food and said “help yourself”. It was a table fixed with all the Christmas dishes and treats one could imagine. There was turkey, ham, roast beef, salads of all kinds, grits with cheese ( which was awesome) smashed taters and gravy and you name it. Of course this was Debbie’s idea and a way of saying thank you to all the customers. For the past couple years I have got all my client lunches from The Hitchin Post and never a complaint.

Now on to fishing which is quite good. Tony called a few minutes ago as he and Art floated the river today and he was raving to say the least. Big fish in skinny water and lots of them. Beetles, ants, hoppers and yellow and red twisted sister was hot. Dan Delekta will be likin that report.


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