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Changing Weather

Big Hole River 302 cfs Beaverhead River 419 cfs

Early morning and late afternoonb streamer fishing has been good. It will start to be good all day as the cooler temps. and clouds move in the next couple days. Last couple days nymphs were the way to go especially midday with the bright sun. There was still some trico action but that will be gone with the snow flakes on Wednesday.

The Billy Stockton benefit fund raiser on Saturday night was a huge success. There must have been upwards of 300 people. I made the big mistake of volunteering to be the bartender. For about six hours I never got a chance to get out from behind the plank. People were lined up four and five deep waving their drink tickets at me. I never heard my name called so many times in my life. Billy was there but I never got a chance to talk to him.

I did escape for a couple minutes when that Scott G series rod that Steve Tate donated came up on the auction block and I was the high bidder on that. Probably was a good thing I was stuck behind that bar as I might now be the owner of that horse that was auctioned off, or the fishing trip to Alaska and a couple Bev Doolittle paintings for good measure.


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