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Changing conditions

The Big Hole saw its first busy weekend of the season, and with it came some pretty great fishing. We hope you enjoyed it, because conditions are changing quickly out there.

The Wise River took a big spike late yesterday and it continues to rise, which has changed the clarity of the Big Hole quite a bit. Speaking of the Wise River, here is the link to the river gauge for the Wise. Many people don’t even realize there is one; be sure to thank our friends at the Big Hole Watershed Committee for helping with it.

Your best bet for the Big Hole is to fish above the confluence of Wise. If you are planning on wading, please use caution as the river conditions can change quickly this time of year. We have had good luck using brown gypsy kings, black foam Goldens, purple chubbies and swishers purple PMX on top. Stonefly nymphs, prince nymphs, soft hackles and Delekta Hare’s Ears have been good underneath. Natural, tan and white colored streamers have continued to be the most consistent for those who want to chuck some meat.

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Mothers Day Caddis…a few have been spotted.


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