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Big Hole River 5030 cfs, temp. 54, visibility 2+ feet

There were way too many caddis in my yard late this afternoon so I called Art and again we closed the shop early and hit the river. We literally whomped em on peacock caddis and miracle caddis. With this high water a lot of the fish were right in the willows and we had to sacrafice a few fly’s to get at them. Every back eddy had feeding fish and they were going nuts. A lot of places in the heavy current it was fast fishing. You get one shot at a little pocket and then your gone. I don’t know how long they will last as the forecast for this weekend is for rain and much colder temps. Tomorrow should be good. There were so many caddis they were crawling inside my glasses in my ears and all over the place. This is one of those afternoons where you should have been here now and there was hardly nobody on the river.

The Big Hole is an amazing river. Three days ago it was literally blown out and this afternoon we had the hottest fishing so far this season.

I just made some frantic phone calls to some clients who were waiting for this to happen and none of them can make it tomorrow. So if anyone is interested and nearby, the boat is still hooked up to the jeep and raring to go.


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