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Big Hole River 5990 cfs—Maidenrock

There is still lots of snow to come out of the high country but hopefully the weather will remain just a bit on the cool side so it comes off gradually.

Visibility especially on the upper river has improved to be at least two feet. Fishing reports from up there have been from fair to poor.

Fishing on top water will heat up in the next few days big time. We did a shuttle down to Brown’s Bridge yesterday and I was surprised to see caddis all over the place and lots of them. There were some at Melrose but not as thick yet. They should be in this neck of the woods in the next couple days or so. It’s cool and drizzly so I don’t think they will move much today.

Remember to be extremely careful if planning on floating the river from East Bank down. It’s still running at around 6000 cfs and will remain high for quite some time.


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