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BWO’s and Chernobles

Big Hole River 939 cfs Jefferson River 1100 cfs

I had a last moment cancellation this morning which did not make me very happy as I was looking forward to another good day on the river. In any event those who were on the river today did good with top water action. BWO’s and cripples worked well and when the weather moved in the big foam fly’s came out and did their job. I had a call from Doug over in Whitehall and he reported catching a 19 inch brown on a #18 bwo yesterday along with several more nice fish. This cloud cover makes all the difference. Some times when it’s sunny and hot you often wonder if there are any fish in the river and then you have days like this and you wonder where did they all come from.

The rain showers we have been having the last couple days have really perked things up.

Forecast for tomorrow is mostly sunny and then more clouds and chance of showers over the weekend.


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