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Butts Kicked

Big Hole River 5150 cfs

When I pulled up the flow this morning I knew we were in for trouble and I told the guys it’s looking bad but they wanted to go anyway. We went way up to Squaw Creek to see if we could find some clarity and there wasn’t much. We picked up a couple fish but nothing like the day before. Just too much water too fast. All the creeks up in that area including La Marche, Fish Trap, Seymore and Deep Creek are bank full. This is the main run-off in full swing. The sad thing is that there are caddis all over the place. Now the weather man says to expect snow in the mountains next week–can you believe that. If you live here in SW Montana you can.

The upper Beaverhead opens tomorrow and I,ll get a report from some of the guys who are going there. I see it’s flowing 750 cfs at Barrets so their dumping a lot of water out of the dam to go down the east ditch. Since it’s about the only game around, if you go there you can probably expect to have a little company.


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