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Busy River

Big Hole River 969 cfs

It’s hard to believe that just over two weeks ago the river was almost at 6000 cfs. The summer flows are upon us and the fishing is getting a bit more technical. Mid morning hatches are great and mid afternoon it slows up a bit with these warm bright days.

I’m glad I have the weekend off because there is every color, size and shapes of boats imaginable on the river today. Most of them are pleasure floaters enyoying the warm weather and the river. Monday is back to work and there will be far fewer boats.

I just spoke to Dan Delekta from Bear Tooth Lodge on the Madison and he said the salmon fly’s are starting up river. He also said the fishing is better with caddis as there is more action.

From about 7:00 pm til dark there are lots of caddis on the Big Hole and there are plenty of pmd’s in the morning. Yesterday morning I had on a pmd cripple tied behind one of my goofy patterns as a locater figuring they pounce on the pmd—most of the fish came for the goofy pattern. Now go figure that one out, there wasn’t a bug hatching that even remotely resembled the goofy one.

Forecast for the next few days is sunny and hot so get out of bed a little bit earlier and have some fun.


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