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Big Hole River 7510 cfs—Maidenrock

My porch is literally alive with caddis flies. Patricia took some pix and we’ll see if they turn out. The river is still rippin but starting to drop slightly. Both guaging stations upriver show that it’s dropping. As to what it will do tomorrow, I have no idea but I think it will drop. My prediction only missed by almost 2000 cfs so what do I know. The visibility is at about a foot to foot and a half. One thing for sure, if you find some slack water and present some caddis patterns you will catch fish. About an hour ago I went to the Divide access just to check out the visibility. Fish were rising steadily right in front of the ramp behind a willow clump. I went home to grap my fightin stick and returned and they were still there. A #16 grey caddis pattern did ok but a different pattern that’s not even a caddis worked better. Roger has been going to his favorite backwater spot in the canyon the last couple evenings and has been doing very well on that same pattern. If you want to know what is you gotta stop at the shop—can’t let the whole world know every thing.

Getting lots of predictions as to high water date and cfs. Some from the USGS guru himself. We didn’t set any rules as to who could participate so that’s ok. Interesting to see how close he gets. Since I got my drawers blown off big time it won’t hurt to make another stab at it as I’m totally out of the running anyway. Now my newly overhauled crystal ball says 8020 cfs on May 25th was it.

If you plan on floating the river be very careful. Also the clearance under Brown’s Bridge is tight. Don’t try it in a drift boat and if you do be far river right—which will make you miss the landing by a hundred yards or so.


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