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Brown’s On Top

Big Hole River 909 cfs Jefferson River 1050 cfs

Today could have easily been mistaken for a day in early May. It was cool, overcast with intermitent rain showers most of the day and the fishing was GREAT. We finally got some of the bigger brown’s to look up at some dry fly’s. Most of the action was on may fly and caddis patterns. We had a dead spot early in the afternoon until we switched from small dry’s to big goofy ones and we started whackin em again. With the conditions we had today I’m sure streamers would also have taken some big fish. Had Art and I been doing a R&D trip you know we would have been chuckin buggers at least part of the time. We saw a couple fish sipping in some back water with no movement at all. Steve laid the fly in close to them and waited a few seconds, then he twitched it and they ate it.

It was a fun day to be on the river (not that they all aren’t but some are better than others) with no crowds and good fishing. As I said yesterday you take what the river gives you and today the river was very generous.

Forecast for the next couple days is calling for scattered rain showers.


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