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Yesterday with that cold front moving through it was tough fishing. There was a constant cold north wind which basically killed the hatch and blew off the few that did come out. Still we stayed with top water action and 16 year old Seth did amazingly well. He was pretty proud that he caught almost 3 times as many fish as his dad.

Today was much better but the guys learned that the Big Hole fish are quick. They were used to catching cutts with a slower reaction time. You gotta be right on these Big Hole fish.

As for the skeptics who doubt my last report, I really don’t give a damn if they believe me or not. All that I know is that Bob B. who has been a client for at least ten years had four hours of the best fishing in his life. It was also the best four hours I believe I have ever had on the BIg Hole.

Remember the stretch from Silver Bridge to Divide Bridge is now closed to floating. They have started construction and there is a cable in the water all the way across the river so don’t even think about trying it. Also portage now is almost impossible.


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