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Braggin Rights

Big Hole River 4500 cfs

The salmon fly hatch is spotty up and down the river. They’re out up the river about as far as they go. Some are doing good fishing with salmon fly patterns and others not so good. The thing to do is not to concentrate totally on the big bugs but watch what else is going on. Today there was a good showing of caddis and pmd’s. With this high water and the river still rising it is a challenge but for some it’s still producing very well. When I got back to the shop this evening I thought my boat had the top braggin rights for the day with a picture of a fat 23 inch female brown trout. Jed and Roger both looked at the picture and commented rather nonchalantly “nice fish”. I knew something was up by the look on Jed’s face. He was guiding the other boat for me today. He was being cool not to rain on my guys parade. When they left I found out the horrible truth. Merle boated a whopping 27 and half inch brown which beat the pants off our big fish. They measured it and took pics but it was with a disposable camera so we have to wait to see the beast. Now get this—the great thing is that Merle just yesterday bought that Scott E2 9ft, 4wt with the sharkskin line and Teton reel that I had talked about a few days ago and that’s what he got that big fish on. High fives to Merle and his guide Jed.


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