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Bottom Fishing

Hog Snapper

That Hog Fish Hank caught is one  of the most sought after fish to  put on the dinner plate in the Bahamas. It is rare  to  catch them on line bottom fishing but just figure when Hank and I go out he kicks my butt and tops is  off with a prize  like this. Most of these fish  are  taken by spear fisherman and when they get one, you  hear about it.

Last couple  days Gogie and I have  been out by the reef  and in the channel bottom fishing. We had great success with Mutton Snapper, catching several but today we couldn’t find  any. However made  up for them with Yellow Tail snapper which  are also excellent  eating.  Gogie and Hank are trying  to catch as many of these fish they can now as they give  them to  their relatives for Christmas presents, and believe me their relatives would rather  have them than any thing else. Especially the  ones that live in Nassau where it’s tough and expensive  to get fish like these. As for me it’s just fun hooking up  and hauling them in. I do snag an occasional snapper out of the cooler for my supper.

Very light wind tomorrow and great conditions to be off the reef. Also great conditions for bones but I think will help  my friends fill their Christmas coolers.


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