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Big Hole River 2990 cfs and dropping. temp. 55

The last couple days the fishing has been tough to say the least. The flow jumped to almost 4000 Friday and it was murky. Yesterday the fishing was still pretty slow until the clouds moved in late afternoon and we went to streamers. The guys weren’t too hot on this streamer thiing but I was sick of staring at those strike indicators and changing nymphs with little success. Shortly after going to streamers we started to get some hits. Most of them were fairly small but then came the whopper. It was in about a foot of water and close to the bank. It took some time but we finally netted him. I put the tape to him and he went a perfect 24 inches. I saw Rich this morning and he was still shaking.

This morning was overcast, warm and just felt fishy. We were going to start with streamers but I just had this feeling and a little voice kept telling me to go with the big dry’s, so we did. It wasn’t long before the action started and it got better as the day progressed. We used cat puke, F-150’s, fluttering stones and they all worked. They only time we switched is when we were to treated to a baetis hatch with a feeding frenzy going on. A purple haze behind the salmon fly pattern did the trick then. They had to get out early to catch a plane but the last hour we were on the river it was as good as it gets with fish coming after the big bugs—-it was just total bonkers.


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