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birds of prey

The Big Hole is fishing pretty much the same. Tricos in the morning, hoppers and large attractors in the afternoon. I wasn't on the river today, stuck in the shop again, but all the reports I got were good. The guys staying up at the River House said they got a 22 inch brown in real shallow water on a mayfly pattern.

The other day on the Missouri we had quite an aerial show between a bald eagle and an osprey. The eagle was perched on a branch high in this cotton wood tree and the osprey kept dive bombing him until he actually knocked him off his perch. The eagle almost fell all the way to the ground before he put his flaps down and was airborne. The osprey kept attacking him from above and the eagle flew inverted, (upside down) fending him off. We all watched in awe as this was quite a sight to see and we were wishing we could have some how captured this on film. The osprey won this battle hands down. As I looked around I could see that the eagle was perched on this tree and eye-balling the ospreys nest directly across the river and the osprey just wasn't going to put up with it. Scenes like that are just some of the perks of being on the river.

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