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Big ‘Ol Fishing Lesson

Big Hole 269cfs Beaverhead 229cfs

Hi. My name’s Josh – I’m a friend of Al’s son (Jason) and fished the Big Hole for the first time today. I’ve been spin fishing for years, but am relatively new to fly fishing and am bad enough that Jason avoids fishing with me (j/k :-). Had a great day. Had a good tryco hatch in the morning, but had casting issues and didn’t bring anything in. Al gave me some coaching on my cast and I managed three browns (10, 13, 18 in.) in a two hour period (between 1:00 and 3:00 pm). I would have had about three times as many if I could learn to set the hook _before_ the fish spits it out (it’s more effective that way). Best fish were caught/not caught on Purple Haze in runs. Saw no one else fishing the whole stretch after we put in. Great day. Thanks Al!


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