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Big Hole River Foundation Boat Raffle 2017

The time of year for boat raffles is upon us…once again the Big Hole River Foundation will be auctioning off a boat during the Big Hole River Days on July 15 in Wise River. This years boat is a good looking Hyde Rocky Mountain Skiff.  The boat is at the shop right now, so stop by to take a look and buy your tickets. Tickets are $20 each or 6/$100.  We will be selling tickets up until the Friday before the event in July.

Additionally, with the help of the BHRF, we have a great new map of the Big Hole River and the surrounding areas. The map is HUGE, and shows river mileage, feeder creeks and other pertinent Big Hole info.

Craig has been on the river the past few days, so look for a detailed fishing report coming soon. For now, it has been #12 and #14 chubbies, #12 PMX and an occasional BWO, depending on the wind. Red or pink worms have been working well underneath the chubby.


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