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Big Hole, Big Fish

Big Hole River 579 cfs—-Maidenrock

While some are combing the hills and mountains hunting deer and elk, others are still fishing the Big Hole and Beaverhead Rivers. They pretty much have the rivers all to themselves and the fishing for big boys has been hot. Check out that 22 inch rainbow one of my guides got for his client last week. I have not caught a rainbow over 20 inches in the Big Hole for at least 10 years. Lots in the 14 to 18 inch range but no big boys like that one. He is also a thick heavy fish and Mike said the fight was incredable.

Now check out that bad boy 28 inch fish caught on a streamer just a couple days ago by the guys from Big Timber. They sent me the pic and it was a bit large and took 10 minutes to download it. I’ll see if Patricia can get it on the site. Remember these pics are posted by her under the comments for that particular entry. Take a look at huge kype and the groove in his nose to accomadate the kype. This bad boy eats 14 inch whitefish for lunch.There are those who say your doing the river a favor by keeping those big males. They may be right but a fish of that quality deserves to be caught more than once. I know the area they caught it and you can bet I will be going for him. If you think I’am not going to tell you where they got him, your exactly right.

Last week a friend of mine got another 28 incher on a egg pattern. I know the exact spot and again, well lets just say have a nice day.


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