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Big Fish, Little Fly

Big Hole River 488 cfs

Saturday we went up river a ways to avoid all the pleasure floaters, tubers and such. I had John tie on a #16 purple haze which I haven’t had much luck with lately but wanted to try it again. Within a few minutes he struck a big one. We were fortunate that we were in the tail out of a riffle and entering a big pool with no big rocks or structure where he could wrap around. It took a while but we netted him and he measured 22 inches and had shoulders on him. It was on 5x tippet and when I grapped the line it broke with ease so we were lucky we got him.

Ed came in the shop this morning and he wanted the biggest streamer I could come up with. He had an incident yesterday similar to the one I wrote about a few weeks ago when that big brown latched onto that grayling and we netted him. Ed’s deal was that he had foul hooked a small rainbow and was bringing it in when this huge brown came out from under some logs and made three passes at it but never grabbed it. So he was heading to the same spot this morning with the biggest streamer I had which is one of Wally’s specials so see if he could entice him from under those logs.

Top water action the last few days has been top notch. This morning I saw several wade fisherman nymphing when fish were rising all around them. To each his own I guess.

Next major hatch will be the tricos and they will be around for quite awhile.


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