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Big Fish

Big Hole River 2850 cfs

In the last couple days there has been some monster brown trout caught on the river. Two days ago there was a 27 incher caught near Melrose and yesterday Ed S. caught a 25 incher in the canyon. Last night the river came up about 200 cfs and colored up quite a bit. By this afternoon it was dropping a bit and the banks also clearing a bit to at least foot and half visibility. My client backed out this morning after he looked at the river and thought it too discolored….his mistake. I already had a lunch made, the boat was loaded and ready to go so I told Roger to shut her down and let’s hit the river. It was a bit slow at times but we boated two twenty inchers and that ain’t bad fishin any day. We had a few lookers on top water but no connections.

We have not yet received our new license computer from the Montana Fish and Game but it’s on the way—so they say. Until we get it and it should be soon we are not able to issue fishing license. You can get them online at I wasn’t going to deal with license at all this year as I have to install a high speed thingamajig and at fifty cents commission per license it’s a losing proposition. However some customers and clients were inconvienced that we were not able to sell them a license and we want happy customers.


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