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Big brown

The customer Art had yesterday did very well and all on dry fly’s. Several rainbows and two big brown trout that made the day. PMX, Purple Haze and Crippled Quigley all caught fish. The two big brown trout were both caught on a #14 Purple Haze, one was 21 and the other 19 inches.

Art has knee braces built into the frame on his raft and as with the drift boat we instruct the customers to be sure they are locked into them when their standing. Yesterday the customer had the habit of stepping back out of the braces when he would cast. He was told several times to get into them. Well the inevitable finally happened. While going through some fast water he backed out of the braces and Art bumped a rock and the customer did a full gainer into the river. He fished him out of the river, got him to the shore and dried him out as best he could and continued to fish. The only thing that was hurt was his ego. The customer told Art not to tell any body, especially Al. Well guess what?


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