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Big Hole River 3300 cfs, Maidenrock

First of all would the guy who e-mailed me about going to the Bahamas in January, 2010 please get back to me. I inadvertantly deleted your mail. At times when I get off the river and a bit tired I delete a lot of things. Get back to me and I will answer all your questions.

OK, so all you wise guys figured out what that fly was that caught the big fish yesterday. It was indeed a San Whammy. Not a fancy one mind you but just a simple red one with a little larvae lace and a bead.

Today we refused to lower ourselves to such patterns and we did much better than yesterday. We used a salmon fly pattern with a nymph dropper. Most fish were on the dropper but the biggest (18 incher) was on the top fly. There are absolutely no salmon flies anywhere but the western tanagers are looking for them big time so we figured the fish were too. It wasn’t great action on top but better than going the turd and worm play.


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