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Believe It Or Not

Big Hole River 3320 cfs

Like I thought this morning with all the cloud cover and a few rain showers the fishing would be good and it was. Mayfly patterns, caddis, stones all worked great.

Something happened today which is a first in my boat. Tom caught 10 or 11 inch grayling and was reeling it in when he said for some reason this fish got really heavy. He was in the back of the boat and I wasn’t watching as I was avoiding some rocks. All of a sudden he gave out a yell and I looked back in the water and this big brown trout had the grayling in it’s mouth. I grabbed the net, scooped down and got em both. I have had several big fish chase a little hooked one and even latch onto it but let go when getting close to the boat. When I looked down along side the boat and saw it, it looked like it didn’t have any intention of letting go. Kinda like a shark grabbing a hooked bonefish on Andros Island. After a couple flops in the net it let go of the grayling. It was a husky 22 inch male with an evil look in his eye. The grayling survived the ordeal but with a few permanant scars along it’s sides. Tom got his picture taken with the big guy. Now is that considered a legitimate catch on a fly or just trolling with a grayling?


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