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Big Hole River 640 cfs.

It seems that for the last week I have had mostly novice fly casters in the boat. All of them have had good success in catching fish. I will be honest and admit that at times I have to bite my lip and refrain from grabbing the rod when I see a big fish feeding and they just can’t get the fly to it with the right presentation. The only time I will do that is if my fisherman blames me for using the wrong pattern and that is why the fish will not eat it. I recall a couple years ago when Chuck Robbins was guiding for me and it was during the trico hatch. Chuck had these guys set up perfectly to shoot for a couple big brown’s that were sipping tricos in slack water. After much coaching and patience that Chuck has, the clients started to get on his case about using a pattern that would not work. Even Job’s patience will wear out at some point and Chuck grabbed the rod, made a proper presentation and stuck a 20 inch brown trout on the first cast. I guess the point I’m trying to make is always listen to your guide. He may not be right 100 percent of the time but you hired him for his expertise so pay attention. If after awhile you are casting willy nilly all over the river and the guide is not saying anything he has basically given up on you. That is when you should seriously consider golf or bowling as your favorite sport. Just gotta tell it like it is.


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