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Big Hole 405 cfs Jefferson 885 cfs

It’s hard to believe especially this time of year but dry fly’s the past two days have been the hot ticket. The past two evenings have been really good on beetle patterns. I just came from the river where I left one of my clients and every time I turned around to see if he was doing ok, he had another fish on. The best thing about it is that the pattern he is using is a #12 cicada. There aren’t any cicada’s in this part of the country, but the fish don’t know that and I’m not gonna tell em. The conditions this evening are perfect, warm and overcast and even with the cloud glare that fly is easy to see. We tied an egg pattern on a dropper but most of the fish are taking the top fly. Fishing techniques may change in the next few days as the forecast is for cooler and cloudy. So far this fall the fishing in general has been super.


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