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Beautiful Day

Big Hole River 1460 cfs, water temp. 49

This is the first really nice day we have had this spring and I had to spend most of it in the shop. We put in another new big display case for our fly’s as we added several new patterns this year. Since I’ll be guiding the next couple days I figured I better get it done. Looking forward to being on the river tomorrow as conditions are starting to look really good.

Had a report from a guy who fished the Beaverhead below Grasshopper Ck. yesterday and he said he did really well on olive buggers.

Tony, my roving reporter on Andros called me today on his cell phone while they were up Fresh Creek. The connection was pretty broken up but I did manage to hear that they had caught bonefish, barracuda and even a permit and they were desperately looking for tarpon to get the grand slam. Andros is noted for bonefish but getting a grand slam is very rare. I haven’t received his e-mail report yet so maybe their still looking for that tarpon near the dock where they come in at night.

Hank sent a report on off shore fishing. He said they hooked into two big fish trolling and they both broke off. I’ve seen Hank’s gear and the line he uses and if they broke off they had to be huge. After that they went bottom fishing and caught about eighty strawberry grouper. I know what was on the menu for fish of the day at Hank’s resturant. He also said the mutton snapper will be showing up in great numbers in the next couple weeks.


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