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Bear Poop

Big Hole River 350 cfs

Not a very pretty  picture is it? However there are several piles of this stuff close  to my  yard. The crab apples are falling off the trees and these guys are  loving it. To the trained eye one can see immediately it is black bear poop. And by the size of the pile, a fairly large black bear. For those who don’t know how to tell the difference between black bear and grizzly bear poop, let me give you  a quick lesson. Black bear poop is full of seeds and half digested berries and such as you can see in the picture. Grizzly bear poop is full of bells and whistles and smells like pepper. I hope you learned something from this lesson.

Looks like we are in for some heavy snow tonight. There has been a winter storm warning for SW Montana for tonight and tomorrow morning. Calling for up to 2 feet in the high country. Let er snow. An early start to a good snowpack would be great. By Monday and Tuesday it  will be warming up again.

Fishing has been fairly good with a variety of  techniques from nymphs to streamers and large dry flies.

The fly shop will remain open until further notice. If you need a shuttle or gear it is best to stop or call in the morning.


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