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Be Careful What You Wish For

Big Hole River 2850 cfs and dropping

Yesterday around mid day we were floating down the river and the action was still slow. There were some caddis flying around but none on the water. Wally made the comment that he wished there were more caddis and lots more dead ones on the water. The fish gods must have heard him because about 15 minutes later there was a blizzard of caddis and ten minutes after that the entire river from bank to bank was a blanket of dead caddis. The fish gods were probably laughing their heads off and saying, “you wanted caddis, you got caddis”. There were so many on the water it was impossible to fish with a caddis pattern. We went down river for almost a mile before they thinned out enough to fish again. From that point on for the rest of the day it was great. I almost forgot that the day started out with a 23 inch brown trout right off the gitgo on a nymph.

Today we went way up river and it was slower. The bright sun ruined the streamer fishing and all we got on top water were smaller fish.

Between May 22nd and June 6th I have lots of open days. Normally I don’t book any trips during this time because the river is usually blown out with peak run off. How ever our peak run off has come and gone this spring and the river should be fishing very good from now on.


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