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Big Hole River 3660 cfs

First I would like to thank all those who sent positive comments. It’s encouragement like that which keeps me going on this. There are times when I get off the river and sit in front of the computer and just stare at the screen, drawing nothing but a blank.

Humor is the essence of a fun trip on the river. Yesterday Charley was getting back in the boat when he had one leg in and the boat moved out causing him to flop backward into the water. The boat then moved back over him. The most serious thing was that he almost choked on his plug of tobacco. After getting him upright and he spitting out the rest of the plug he started laughing like crazy and told me that upon close inspection there were no barnacles on the bottom of the boat. I do believe a good laugh was had by the rest of his crew over cocktails last night.

The fishing yesterday was hit and miss with big dry’s and nymphs. We had fair action on Salmon Fly patterns in the morning and nothing on them in the afternoon.

Chuck with Pioneer Outfitters was telling me last night he helped some floaters who got into an irrigation channel and t boned the headgate. He got their oars and much of their gear which was floating down river. For those who do not know the river you should stay out of small channels. This has happened several times this season and luckily nobody has been hurt.

Many other rivfers in SW Montana are still blown out so there are lots of fisherman here on the Big Hole. I have noticed in the past week that most are very courteous to each other and respect others water.


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