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Big Hole River 560 cfs Maidenrock

The Banquet held on Saturday  by the Big Hole River Foundation  in Melrose was a big success. Music was great as well as the food. Live and silent auctions brought in lots of money. This money is used by  the foundation for conservation projects along the Big Hole corridor. If you want to help the Big Hole River and its fishery I urge you to  join this foundation.

Got the grand slam yesterday and the cutt was a pure strain 16 inch beauty. Charlie got the grayling by the tail but it still counted.

Today was not as good as the wind blew pretty hard and blew all the bugs off the water.

The tricos are starting and we had fun with trico patterns for about an hour this morning.  We also had some activity on para and yeti hoppers.

Weather next few days predicted to be low 80’s.

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