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Bahamas Update: 2/20/2020

We have been having a blast and fishing hard for the last 2 weeks. The weather has warmed up and the fish seem to be more aggressive. We have been fly fishing the flats of fresh creek for the most part, while the guides have been fishing ocean flats and the west side daily. We have had some awesome guest appearances from 3 of our good friends, Drew Taylor, Keith Mcglothlin, and soon to misses Mcglothlin, Kelsey Burns. Everyone has had success in the salt, even the first timers, which is a testament to the fishing on this crazy island!

The tarpon have been the vision quest for us and Tommy Kee, one of our top guides. The last couple days have been good weather on the west side. Lia and I have been traveling with our client to tarpon spots, tending line and spotting fish. Each day has produced opportunities, each opportunity has been thwarted by some obstacle or another. It seems that on the days that the wind is blowing, the water is choppy, and the clarity is slightly off, the fish are thick and aggressive. Of course this makes the casting and presentation damn near impossible in some cases. The days that have been clear and calm have resulted in less shots and spooky fish.

Today we are going to head up the creek and check out some holes that we have not been to yet. It could be a bust but it will be an adventure….stay tuned. On a different note, we landed our first shark of the trip, and big Al had another birthday!


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