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Baetis and Buggers

Big Hole 217 cfs Beaverhead 174 cfs Jefferson 546 cfs

Fishing on the Jefferson yesterday was spotty with little action on streamers. In the afternoon a brief light shower came down and if like magic just after, the baetis came out big time. There were duns all over the place and we found a few pods of fish who feasting on them. I tdidn’t last very long but it was fun while it did with lots of top water action.

Today didn’t start out very good as when we got to the river my client discovered he had forgot his waders. He was really upset with himself and asked about wet wading. With the temp. in the 40’s that was not an option. We headed back to Dillon to get him a new pair which he needed anyway. To lighten up the situation I told him about the time I went to this far away river and discovered I had forgot not only my wading shoes but all my fly’s as well. The only ones I had were the dead soldiers I stick on the back seat of my jeep when we get off the river. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a couple dozen beat up fly’s. The day started out poorly but when we got on the river things turned on. Baetis were coming off and we immediately starting sticking some nice fish on top water. Mary was elated with some of the fish she caught. When that action slowed up we went to streamers. Jim had never caught a fish on a streamer but after today I believe I have created another monster.


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