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Back To Reality

Got home from Andros late last night after a long day at several different airports and airplanes. I would have taken bets and given odds that after so many different changes that there was no way my luggage would be at my final destination on time. To my surprise there it was, the second one to come down the conveyor belt. I wasn’t too concerned about the clothes but I had a big bag of frozen conch in a cooler bag with my clothes wrapped all around it. It is now resting peacefully in my freezer awaiting the stewed conch party we are going to have at my house next week.

The last two days on Andros the weather was terrible with east winds up to 30 mph. This didn’t stop us from going out but we almost needed seat belts just to stay in the boat. There were only a few places on the lee side of islands where we could get out of the wind a bit to look for fish.

Since I have been gone, Allie and Amos (my Newfy and Great Pyrenees) have managed to burrow a hole in the fence and been gone on walkabouts almost every day according to the neighbors. They were gone this morning and I found them just a short distance from the house laying in the river as if to cool off from the morning heat of 25 degrees.

The house is still standing with minimal damage as one of the inside doors is totally trashed. The girls called early this morning and said they would get if fixed. They said they had a minor dispute and that I didn’t want to know all the details.

The Big Hole River is running at 442 cfs, water temp at 42 degrees and with good visibility. The upper river is still frozen but when it breaks up it will scour the bottom and muddy up the river for awhile. When it starts to clear up from that the fishing gets really good.


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