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Back to Normal

Big Hole River 200 cfs Beaverhead River 672 cfs Missouri River 4050 cfs

Fishing has been quite good since the Saturday let down. Lot’s of tricos mid morning and the patterns I found to work best is a #20 trico emerger and #18 purple haze. I have had reports of good hopper activity on the lower river.

The clouds moved in this afternoon and we actually got a little rain but we need a lot of rain. The river has dropped to that magic flow rate of 200 cfs and that is when the irrigators are supposed to voluntarily cut back on their water usage. Water temp. isn’t a problem any more at least in the Divide area. Now if we can keep the flow up we’ll be ok.

I’m going up to the Missouri tomorrow morning for a couple days even though I have heard some negative reports about the fishing up there. I have heard those reports before and gone up any way and had good fishing. I talked to Phil Camera at Prewett Ck. fly shop and he said it all depends who’s fishing and how you work it. The Big Labowski is going with me so fish beware.


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