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Back On Board

Big Hole 852 cfs Jefferson 1100 cfs

The last couple evenings I tried everything I could think of short of using a hammer on this thing but I couldn’t log on. In desperation I called my man, Jason and he did his computer stuff and fixed it in no time.

Today unlike the last few days the river was relatively quiet. The nearby launch sites only had a couple rigs in them compared to being packed a couple days ago.

Top water action has been spotty. All though I got reports from a couple fisherman this morning who said they did very well and caught around twenty. Awhile later a couple guys came in and said they got two. It’s all about reading the water and the brown trout are starting to move in the shallow riffles. Nymph fisherman have been doing well.

A couple hours ago when I was mowing my lawn or I should say hay field a friend of mine from Butte stopped by and said his cousin from Pennsylvania has been pounding the water with no results. He said all he wants is to catch one trout on the Big Hole River. I sent him to a spot just below the house and they came back an hour later and said he caught three. He was just as happy with those three as if it had been thirty—you take what the river gives you.


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