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Another Novice Turned Pro

Big Hole 297 cfs Beaverhead 113 cfs Jefferson 671 cfs

As the day started the young lady in front of the boat couldn’t cast the length of the boat. By the end of the day she was out fishing her friend who was a pretty good fly fisherman. The only problem she had is when she would get a hook up she got so excited she would jump up in the raft and almost fell out of the boat a couple times. Mid morning the fish were very selective and we had to go down to a #18 trico emerger to get their attention. In the afternoon they were much more cooperative and ate a madam x with a nymph dropper. It was another perfect fall day with little or no wind and warm temp. All my fisherman and women are happy this evening (which makes me happy) and are now enjoying a prime rib dinner at Chester and Loretta’s Wise River Club. I kinda hung around waiting for an invite but they seemed preoccupied talking about the fish they caught today and forgot about their hungry old guide. In the morning I’ll just have to tell them how good my hungry man tv dinner was.

I have been very fortunate lately to have very nice people in my boat who really appreciate the service and are a lot of fun to be with.


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