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Another Convertee

Big Hole River 2160 cfs, temp. 55.6, visibility 2 feet

Greg said he had not fly fished since he was a kid and had gotten into this thing with trolling lakes and such. I told him to leave his salmon eggs, anchovies, four dozen boxes of worms and all that stuff in his truck. Even though he had not picked up a fly rod in twenty years, he soon got back in the swing of it. He caught two brown trout that were 18 and 19 inches on a streamer and that did it. The second one hit it so hard it almost jerked the rod out of his hand. He headed straight for the local tavern to tell the story to his buddy’s and I’m sure by now that fish has grown to at least 25 inches.

Still no caddis and the top water action was sporadic. Most of the fish we caught were on streamers with a nymph dropper.


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