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Amidst The Ruin And Ashes

Big Hole 460 cfs Jefferson 988 cfs

It has been over two months since the Blue Moon burned down and that was just about long enough for some locals to decide to have a shindig there any way. I was approached by Kay Keil who is the local mail carrier ( her daily route covers about 150 miles) and she asked about the possibility of having a get together at the site of the old Blue Moon. I told her I was all for it but the only thing left standing was the garage out back and there was no electricity or tables or any thing. That doesn’t stop the people of the Big Hole Valley. When I got there late in the afternoon I was amazed at the people there. They brought tables, chairs, food enough for an army, booze , coleman lanterns and there were electrical cords coming from the fly shop which hooked up to Kay’s karokee player. There were people from the Divide area as well as from Butte and ranchers from up and down the Big Hole Valley. When I left about 10:00 things were really getting warmed up. The singing was a bit off key as it got the coyotes in the surrounding hills to join in (probably because it was hurting their ears) but nobody cared because they were having fun once again at the ole Blue Moon.

I have a float trip today and will let you know the results in my next entry.


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