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All Expectations Met

big Hole 405 cfs Jefferson 850 cfs

The float trip yesterday was a total success. The gals told me later that when I told them their was a good chance of seeing a moose they initially thought it was a little more of that guide hype. No such thing in my boat. Upon rounding a corner in the river, there they were, a big bull, cow and calf moose. Now the pressure was on them as in their hurry to get ready for the trip they had some how forgotten their digital camera. But not all was in vane as Susan brought out her cell phone and I thought what in the hell was she going to do with that. She took a picture of the moose with it and immediately sent it to her friend in NYC. Within minutes she had a positive response from her friend. I’ve been to many a goat ropings and dozens of county fairs and I’ve never seen any thing like that. She told me to try some of this new technology—-my response was that your talking to a guy who still can’t figure out the t.v. remote. They did the same thing with that phone camera with some fish I caught. Speaking of fishing, the fly of the day for any body who was serious about it would have been a #16 purple haze.


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