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rooster tail

Big Hole River 2850 cfs

That wave just below the dam is getting a bit hairy.  In the top photo on the very right you can just barely see a kayakers head. His buddy dumped his kayak and was  upside down for a little ways. He flipped upright and was fine except a short time later I saw him up in the willows and looked like he was  cleaning his pants. My buddy’s Doug and Scotty just a short  time earlier came through with their 16 ft. Clackacraft and took on quite a bit of water. Doug said it would definitely flip a skiff or small raft. I’m going to go through  it tomorrow with my raft to see what happens. It would be a good idea if you are not a experienced oarsman to avoid this stretch for now.

Doug and Scotty said that the streamer fishing was simply awesome. Visibility is not that good yet but they said the action was hot. Fish were agressively chasing their streamers.


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