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About To Level Off

Big Hole River 5710 cfs

Fishing today was pretty tough to say the least but I did hear from a reliable source that they did pick up a few fish on Salmon Fly patterns in the Divide to Melrose section. The rest of the action (and there wasn’t much) was on streamers, yuk bugs, bitch creeks and the ole san whammy.

I look for the river to level off tomorrow and to start fishing soon after. It will remain high for awhile but there are still a lot of the big bugs to crawl out and the fish will be looking for them.

There is a floating hazard on the upper river about three miles below Squaw Creek Bridge which consists of a strand of barb wire stretched across the entire width of the river. I floated across it yesterday with my drift boat as it was only about ten inches above the water and the only damage was some scratches on the bottom of the boat. If I had been in a raft it could have been disastrous especially with this higher water. I nofitied the local game warden and he was a bit vague about what they were going to do about it. This wire is not flagged and is difficult to see until you are almost right on it.


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