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A Slow Day???

Big Hole River 655 cfs—Maidenrock

After several days of outstanding fishing the free flowing Big Hole pretty much turned off yesterday. We floated the lower stretch against my better judgment but that’s where they wanted to go. I really thought we would have a great day on streamers bit it didn’t happen. We got a few but nothing like it should have been. Got a 18 inch brown right off the gitgo on a #16 mayfly pattern and we thought then it’s gonna be a great day—-not.

Didn’t fish today but late this afternoon there were lots of rising fish in the slick water above the pump station.

It really got cold the last couple days. Yesterday morning there was frost on the pumpkin up at Wise River. This weather pattern is going to change starting tomorrow and be up to 80 by mid week.

It’s raining again as we speak. The surrounding hills and mountains are still very green which even the old timers have never seen. Frank up at Troutfitters said the last time it was this green and had so much rain they were starting to load Noah’s Ark.


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