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A Rare Happening

Big Hole River 815 cfrs Jefferson River 969 cfs

This morning the fishing was fair and this afternoon the wind beat up on us pretty bad. I had novice fisherman with me today and they tried their best in the wind but it was tough going. The high light of the day was this morning when Tammy caught two fish at the same time. She was using an adams irresistable with a small nymph dropper when she had a hit on the top fly. After she set the hook it seemed to do a double take and when she got it close to the boat, her mouth dropped open in disbelief as she had two fish on. There was a rainbow on the dry fly and a brown on the nymph. This happens once in awhile when using two nymphs but I can’t remember it happening with a dry and nymph dropper.

Yesterday a friend of mine found a dead 26 inch brown trout. He said it had not been dead very long and it was obvious it was caused by improper handling and releasing as it had line burns around it’s nose and head. It had probably been handled too long for too many pictures. When releasing fish, especially on a hot day when the water temp. is up, get them back in the water as soon as possible and make sure they are upright. It’s best to release them in slow water and facing up stream. Keep an eye them for a bit to make sure they don’t roll over cuz if they do they are done for. The worst thing about it was that it was a female. Rubber nets are the best way to go as you can hold the fish in it in the water until it revives.


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