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A Rare Double

Big Hole 307 cfs Beaverhead 107 cfs Jefferson 534 cfs

It has been threatening rain or snow all day but that hasn’t deterred the fish. Bob Asmuth, who owns a house near Jerry Creek and I went fishing for awhile this afternoon above my house. I agreed to take him to my honey hole but only after blind folding him first. Bob was fishing two small dry fly’s and he had been there for some time before I got there. He had caught numerous fish and at one point he caught a grayling and a rainbow at the same time. Believe me that does not happen that often. It happens more on rare occasoins when using two nymphs. He caught several good sized fish but I was interested only in Big Walter so I was chucking a streamer. I didn’t get the big one but a nice fat 19 inch brown made my day. Bob wanted to try it so I handed him my rod and he had a big one whack at it. As far as I know he is still down there catching more fish. He has to leave tomorrow and after a couple relatively slow days last week he is taking advantage of these conditions. The high temp. today was only about 50 but the heavy overcast makes all the difference.

The Upper Beaverhead River, from Clark Canyon Dam to Selway Bridge at Dillon, will be closed to angling beginning Oct. 3 to protect spawning brown trout. The closure will be in effect through Nov. 30. Low releases of water from Clark Canyon Dam have resulted in flows far below the recommended minimum in stream flow of 200 cfs in this stretch of river according to the Montana Dept. of Fish, Wildlife and Parks.

It’s starting to rain pretty heavy now, I wonder if I should go and rescue Bob before he freezes to death!


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