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A New Age

Today the guys from SMT (southern montana telephone) came to the house and hooked me up with their new dsl service. I applied for this service as it sounded like a good deal with all the long distance calls included and such. When I talked with them on the phone this morning they asked what kind of computer I had. I told them it was a Dell and so they asked what kind and I responded that it was kind of a black and grey one. There was a moment of silence on the phone and then he said “I’ll be there in about an hour”. When they got here they hooked up a couple new items and entered a few numbers and now this thing is ready for the race track. It’s amazing how much faster things come up. I thought to myself, why had I not done this before and the answer was simple—living here in the remote regions of the Big Hole Valley this service was not available before.

I have a cell phone and I don’t know why. Maybe cuz every body else has one and it’s the thing to have but it doesn’t work here in the valley. The sales person said it should work and if not now, soon—I think she lied. It does work in some places high in the mountains which is a good thing if your in trouble there. It does not work on the river which is also a good thing. I could just imagine trying to tell a client how and where to present his fly when he has his rod in one hand and his cell phone to his ear in the other talking to his stock broker. If they ever do work on the river I think I will have the same rule as the airlines. Once the ship leaves port all cell phones to be turned off as it severly affects the navigation of the ship.


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