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A Little Windy

Big Hole River 1640 cfs

The wind was whippin along on the upper river most of the day but despite that we were stubborn about it and stayed with top water stuff and it paid off. Their were some dead spots but it turned out to be a fair day. Again we used some pretty strange looking patterns. At one time my client looked at the fly I just tied on and wanted to know what the hell that was. I told him just to humor me and let’s see what happens. If there not hitting the normal stuff, try some thing totally different, you just never know unless you try it.

There should be a book written about river etiquette and every one should be required to read it before they are allowed to float the river. There have been some reports lately of some less than desirable people floating the river and a couple of these have been guided boats, not local guides I can assure you. Art had a situation yesterday when they had a big fish on and there was a boat anchored in the middle of the river. The fish streaked across the river on the other side of this boat and when they asked him to pull up his anchor, he just sat there and grinned. The line caught in his anchor rope and they lost the fish. These things do not happen with local guides. As a matter of fact they will go out of their way to help land a big fish for another boat.


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