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A Happy Johnny

Big Hole River 2450 cfs at Maidenrock

A couple days ago coming off the Beaverhead 15 year old Johnny had just about given up entirely on fly fishing. Through out the day there were comments like, the fish gods hate me, I should have never taken up fly fishing, I’m a terrible caster and waa waa and on and on it went. Today coming off the Big Hole he wore a smile you couldn’t take off with a sand blaster. By lunch time he had that smile. Now life is good again and the fish gods are smiling down upon him once more. Actually fishing was not that great today on the Big Hole and we had to really work for them. Shortly out of the gate this morning Johnny hooked into a big one but it got off short of the boat. After that he had a zero in sight for the pockets and grassy banks. He was getting them in there and at times a bit too close as we left several hanging in the willows. But like the old saying with bugger fishin, if you ain’t losin a few you ain’t doin it right We used a variety of streamers and I can’t really say one pattern was that much better than others.


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