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A Grand Old Gentleman

Big Hole River 2490 cfs, temp. 49

It was a pleasure to have in my boat today a gentleman by the name of T.C. At a young 89 years old he is still going strong and with the same sense of humor I remember 15 years ago. It was a cold, rainy day but not once would I hear a whimper or complaint from this guy. TC hooked a big fish but it ran right toward the boat and as hard as he tried he couldn’t get the slack out of the line and lost him. His son Doug, had a hay day with big fish. He caught a 24 inch brown, a 20 inch rainbow and several more brown’s over 18. He thought he was king of the hill until Dave, another member of his party came in with a measured 24 inch brown. Actually Doug’s fish was only 23 and a half but he liked to round it off at 24. We got a good picture of it and it should be in the photo gallery soon.

I did see one salmon fly today and it was crawling around in my boat bag. Where it came from I have no idea because we were on the upper river and it was cold and rainy, probably fell in my boat yesterday.


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