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A five point whitetail buck?

Big Hole 2450 cfs, temp. 53

Cool, bright, breezy morning made for some tough fishing. Afternoon the clouds moved in and streamers worked well, yellow and yellow and tan. Late afternoon the wind died down and caddis started working. It wasn’t real hot but just enough action to stay on top. We never tried any nymphs but I’m sure they would have worked.

While floating along Art started yelling, “pull the boat over, pull the boat over, there’s a big whitetail head on the bank”. So I pulled the boat over and he walked back around the corner and soon came back carrying this five point (ten eastern) whitetail skull. It must have fallen through the ice in the winter and high water washed it up on the bank. It was a bit ripe but we threw it in the boat any way. A fine trophy any hunter would be proud of. Speaking of wild life, about 200 hundred yards from my house there is this old cottonwood tree on the bank of the river and the top half broke off a couple years ago. Right where it broke off there is a great horned owl with her two young ones nesting. I called Chuck Robbins who guides for me at times and knowing he is an avid outdoor photographer specializing in birds of prey. He’s going to be here first thing in the morning to get some photos. Also Chuck just finished his new book, Fly Fishing Montana. Very well written and very informative. We have it at the shop.


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